Welcome to PersianSerai
Persianserai is a Tour and Travel company. Founded in 2009, the company is under the total reliance of Iran cultural heritage, handicraft & tourism organization.
Our team has a passion, expertise and knowledge of travel in Iran which is reflected in our business model.
Persianserai believes in the power of teamwork, and always creates harmonious working environment for their team members by encouraging communication and cooperation at all times.
Almost every traveler wishes a tour of a foreign country to be a golden opportunity not only to learn about its culture and history but also to experience the delights of the local food and comfortable transportation and other amenities ensuring a delightful & joyous memory. Our private tours with Persianserai are designed to make your wishes come true in Iran.
Therefore, the company is able to offer high quality travel ppackages with reasonable prices.
Choose from a verity of packages that enable you to explore the splendor of this graceful and rich culture that has faced the torment of time and power. Not only surfing but standing up stronger every time.
Persianserai has ability to arrange a special tour for you that has reasonable price than ordinary tour. Arranging local tour guides in each city and planning your transportation via public means(bus , taxi, Subway) would gel cut costs tremendously. Our passion is to give you a new experience and insight to Iranian hospitality, culture, lifestyle.